The Blesspan was created in 2014 by Tommaso Varriale
in the North East of Italy. Still today Tommaso work alone as pure Artisan
but with a wide ranging experience and competence matured 
during the latest 6 years of deep dedication.
During the years 2016-17-18 he started working on the Blesspan waitlist, receiving lot of requests (During 2017-2018 the waiting time for a Blesspan was more than 1 year) while creating pans to satisfy orders by the new players, Tommaso continued to invest and research to improve and become a professional handpan maker well known all over the world in the Handpan community.
Finally today with more than 6 years of experience on;
 Materials, Treatments, Tools, Geometries, Layouts, Scales and more around the making of the handpans, Tommaso with the creations of the Blesspan Musical Instruments is offering a professional instrument for professional players and these are the ingredients of his creations:

* Materials: Steel / Stainless

* Shells Diameters:  53cm and 54cm (Standard) 
                                   50 cm (Standard smaller) 
                                   40cm (Mini pans) 
                                   56cm (Bass pans)
                                   60cm (for scales with both B4 and Bb4)
* Scales: From classical 7 notes + ding
                To 18 - 20 notes scale (Cyclope,Monsters,Godzilla)
                Top and bottom notes as Dings and notes

* Custom scales and designs: For players that want to express their best Music.

* Print and new design: A new way of printing the surface of the Blesspan 
                                          keeping the same high quality.

These are some of the opportunities that you can find in the Blesspan musical instruments
where every hammer strike from 2014 till today has been lashed to improve and refine this Art!