Blesspan waitlist 2022
If you want to Join the waitlist write us:


Dear Blesspan Lovers, Followers and Friends, I’m receiving everyday requests from you and here at the #blesspan headquarter I join your support and your curiosity about the Blesspan musical instrument! Thats why I decided as the list is already full till the end of this year to open the new waitlist for the new year 2022 🔥 I continue to refine this Art and develop the creation of this beautiful sound sculpture every day and I will share soon some great news about geometries, layouts and some others important details around the making of the Blesspan. I will offer scales from 8 to 20 tones from super bass scales like our beloved F2 pigmy to highest keys that will let you fly high! Thank you so much to support and love the Blesspan Musical Instruments, created and tuned with pure passion ❤️